Auszeichnung als ´inVISION Top Innovation 2015´

Die Imaging-Fachzeitschrift inVISION hat die OLED-Backlight-Beleuchtung seelector Lux OLED von hema electronic zur Top Innovation 2015 gewählt. Die Jury würdigt damit den Beitrag, die Themen Bildverarbeitung und optische Messtechnik weiter voran zu bringen. An der Abstimmung zum innovativsten Produkt des Jahres nahm neben der inVision-Redaktion eine unabhängige Jury von Experten teil. Mehr Informationen...

zum inVISION-Newsletter 01/15

AU Optronics started to mass produce small (4.3") AMOLED panels at its 3.5G LTPS line in Taiwan, making about 8,000 substrates a month. The company says their 4.5-Gen AMOLED Line in Singapore (at AFPD) will start AMOLED mass production before year-end 2012, which is faster than original plans (2H 2013). The new fab's capacity will be 15,000 monthly substrates.

AUO 32 OLED TV prototype photo

AUO also said they have set up an "experimental" 6G production line with plans to produce large (over 32") samples before the end of 2012. AUO's president claims that their AMOLED R&D group is now staffed with hundreds of engineers. AUO already unveiled a 32" OLED prototype that has an Oxide-TFT (IGZO) backplane and was fabricated using vapor deposition using a metal mask. The panel featured Full-HD (1920x1080) resolution, 100,000:1 contrast ration, 0.01ms response time and brightness of 200cd/m2.

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