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Auszeichnung als ´inVISION Top Innovation 2015´

Die Imaging-Fachzeitschrift inVISION hat die OLED-Backlight-Beleuchtung seelector Lux OLED von hema electronic zur Top Innovation 2015 gewählt. Die Jury würdigt damit den Beitrag, die Themen Bildverarbeitung und optische Messtechnik weiter voran zu bringen. An der Abstimmung zum innovativsten Produkt des Jahres nahm neben der inVision-Redaktion eine unabhängige Jury von Experten teil. Mehr Informationen...

zum inVISION-Newsletter 01/15

The network OLAB was founded as a joint union of thirteen partners in cooperation with OLEDWorks in Germany

Organic LEDs are a fundamentally new, energy-efficient light technology for illumination solutions. With the successful development of a basic technology for the production of such light elements, the first branches of application start emerging.  Out of this network, exhibition pieces shall be worked out through shared projects for the production of prototypes for light application in the industry with the focus on image processing.


There will be an international platform for the exchange of information from producers and future operators of OLED as illumination for industrial applications (image processing, microscopy, Medicine, Automotive).

Within the network, innovative projects will be jointly conducted.


Attention: In view of the project work of the individual partners, a new version of this website will be launched soon. We will keep you up to date.