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OLEDs für die Beleuchtung – endlich raus aus der Nische?
Interview 2015

Wie sich flexible OLEDs automatisiert fertigen lassen

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Auszeichnung als ´inVISION Top Innovation 2015´

Die Imaging-Fachzeitschrift inVISION hat die OLED-Backlight-Beleuchtung seelector Lux OLED von hema electronic zur Top Innovation 2015 gewählt. Die Jury würdigt damit den Beitrag, die Themen Bildverarbeitung und optische Messtechnik weiter voran zu bringen. An der Abstimmung zum innovativsten Produkt des Jahres nahm neben der inVision-Redaktion eine unabhängige Jury von Experten teil. Mehr Informationen...

zum inVISION-Newsletter 01/15

Novaled, well-known PIN dopping materials comnpany is transforming from their main business of light emitting materials to the manufacturer of light source. They are entering in the very active OLED light source business to recover the lost part of competitiveness compare to Korean light-emitting material manufacturers for displays because OLED displays are produced mainly in Korea with mass production system. In the meantime, Novaled holds the R&D function only and its Switzerland Shiba Company produced light-emitting materials, but by recent BASF's acquirement of Shiba Company, they adjusted their business structure rapidly.

From simple sales of existing light-emitting materials and license business for PIN structures, they are changing the business structure to the form of manufacturing business of OLED light source. And recently, with the collaboration with Ingo Mauer who has been recognized as a world top leader of OLED lighting, they developed and promoted various forms of OLED lights products in the market.

Novaled is currently put the most emphasis on the flexible OLED light source base on the stainless steel substrate and by the road map of product development this year, they will introduce the 25lm/W, 10,000 hours tandem OLED product based on the board size of 150x150mm and is expected to introduce in 2011, 200x200m, 40lm / W, 25,000 hours Life time product and in 2012, 50lm/W, 50,000 hours flexible products as the R2R equipment. Currently Novaled is jointly developing the stainless steel substrates for OLED lighting with world No. 1 manufacturer of stainless steel, Arcelo-Mital, France.





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OLEDs als Beleuchtungskomponenten für die IBV Organisches Licht

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